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ctive Birth and Childbirth Preparation  Workshops
Active Birth Workshop

This workshop is a one day workshop (5 hours) which covers all dimensions of active birth. We will discuss principles & practice of active labour & birth. Exploration of positions, movement and massage during labour, and simple relaxation techniques are explained. Many partnered exercises and useful ways for the partner to support & assist at the birth are covered. The forms of pain relief available – natural & medical, as well as waterbirth & how to create the ‘ideal’ birth environment are all discussed.

Childbirth Preparation Workshops

This workshop is run as either a 2 day intensive (4 hours each day) or as an evening class over 3 weeks (2.5 - 3 hours) each evening. This is NOT a normal childbirth preparation class. All aspects of preparation for childbirth are covered, including what to expect when birthing in a hospital, birth centre or home, as well as simple remedies for pregnancy discomforts.

Particular attention is paid to educating women about natural/active birth and to empowering women to make informed choices about their care both during pregnancy and in the hospital system.

All aspects of the Active Birth Workshop are covered in the Childbirth Preparation Workshop. There is more education about the physiology of birth for people who are not yet familiar with the labour and birth process. Women and men will be encouraged to think more deeply about what they want from their birth experience and the impact of this on themselves, and their baby.

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