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Liza Kennedy

RM, BSc (Midwifery), BHSc (Complementary Medicine), BA (Psychology), ND (Advanced), DBM, DRM, Diploma of Aromatherpy, Cert. Lymphatic Drainage, Childbirth Educator, ATMS Accredited Practitioner.

Liza is mother to two children. She practices as a private midwife and works casually at local hospitals. Liza studied to be a naturopath, aromatherapist and remedial massage therapist at Nature Care College and Charles Sturt University in Sydney in 1997 and completed a BA with a major in Psychology in 2009 as well as completing a Bachelor of Science-Midwifery at Curtin University in 2010. She has practiced extensively for over 18 years in both Australia and England and has developed a passion for natural fertility and maximizing health for women and men to assist conception, problem free pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. She also promotes using natural remedies to treat many illnesses in babies and children and has studied with the Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology for two years learning energetic healing, the use of colour and crystals in healing.

Liza believes that body work and healing can enhance a problem free pregnancy and offer pain relief in labour and birth. A naturopathic consultation may include the use of herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, Bach or Bush flower remedies, extensive dietary advice and aromatherapy or massage. Liza will usually combine a number of modalities into all of her treatments, depending on individual needs. Liza also teaches childbirth education, active birth workshops and preconception / pregnancy nutrition. She believes that empowering women and men allows couples to have the best pregnancy and birth possible. View the Midwifery Group Practice page.

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