Medicinal Herbs

Is a person who uses a number of modalities to help to bring about healing physically, mentally and emotionally. A naturopath uses western herbs, nutrition, Bach and bush flower remedies and massage to treat a client holistically.

Initial consultation takes 1.5 - 2 hours, in which time a full case history is discussed. Then a treatment structure follows, usually consisting of herbs, and/or nutrient supplements, diet advice tailored to individual needs, and often Bach or Bush flower remedies to treat and support the emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Follow-up consultations about 3-4 weeks later chart progress, make any necessary alterations to remedies, discuss matters of concern, or delve deeper into the healing process.


Traditional Japanese energy work in which healing energy is transferred via the hands. Transforms mind, body & emotions into a more harmonious state and can be carried out fully clothed.

A very relaxing treatment, which is suitable for adults but also beneficial for children experiencing stress, anxiety or sleep problems. Reiki is calming, balancing and safe treatment during pregnancy.

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