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At the Conscious Conception and Birth Centre we offer midwifery services with registered private midwives. Women can choose their own midwife to provide regular appointments from the start of pregnancy which will  prepare you mentally and physically for your birth and parenthood. Antenatal care will be provided in your own home or in our beautiful clinic at a mutually agreed time. These personalised appointments can last up to an hour. You will have the care of two midwives during labour and birth and postnatal care including breastfeeding support for up to 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. Care during labour and birth is available at home and in some hospitals. We provide a service that is tailored specifically to individual and family needs. We are also experienced waterbirth practioner’s. Midwives are able to provide education during pregnancy about birth and support during the first crucial weeks of parenting. Women will also be able to access the mums’ and bubs’ group to meet other new mums and form support networks at the centre and in the community.

Research shows that women who have continuity of care with a  midwife have less intervention during labour and birth, more natural births, less use of drugs in labour and breastfeed for longer. We also know that women are more informed and supported in their decision making as well as feeling more satisfied with their childbearing experience regardless of the place they choose to birth. The relationship built between the midwife and a woman during the 10 months of care at this life changing period is always precious and built on mutual trust and respect. We as midwives are changed by each woman we care for, just as a woman changes with each pregnancy and birth experience.

We believe that the experience of pregnancy through to the first few years of a baby’s life is formative for the child and a spiritual and emotional rite of passage for parents.  It is a time when parents should seek out the care givers who will cherish this experience as much as they do. The birth of your child is your experience; we cannot predict what kind of birth you will have. What we can guarantee is that we will work with you during your pregnancy, birth and early parenting by providing individualised midwifery care.

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